The Making of Bordeaux Fine Wines

People have been making wine since centuries ago, in fact archaeological evidence shows that people have been making wine all the way back even before 6000 BC all over the world. Although there are many different ways on how wines are being produced today – the basics of winemaking remains the same. Bordeaux fine wines are known to be producing wines using old ways – which preserves its quality, making it greatly sought after.


Wine is basically made by crushing grapes, and fermenting it until alcohol is produced. Yes, wines are basically grape juice – but more intricate. Grapes are grown in vineyards, and there are many different types of grapes – hence the many different flavors of wine. The best Bordeaux fine wines is made meticulously based on formulas and even perfect timing.


At every vineyard, there is a master winemaker, whose duty is to ensure that wine that will be made is perfect. First, their duty is to tell when the grapes are ready to be harvested. Too early, the grapes are not ripe enough. Too late, the wine will not be perfect as the grapes had passed their prime. As soon as the winemaker gives the green light, the workers will immediately harvest the grapes and start working on them – while the grapes are in their prime. The winemaker knows when it is time by telling the sugar content of the grapes.


Once the grapes are harvested, they are put in a bin and sent off to the winery where these grapes will be crushed. There are many different ways how this is done, but for most Bordeaux fine wines, they are done manually, be it by crushing, pressing or pigeage, a term used by the French for stomping. The best wines are made manually – capturing its essence of rawness. 


As you might already know, there are two types of wine, and they are white wine and red wine. Bordeaux fine wines consists of both types. But what makes a wine “red” or “white”? As aforementioned, wine is made out of grapes – so the grapes determine the color of the wine. Red grapes are used to make red wine while green or white grapes are used to make white wine. White wine can also be made by peeling the skin and the seeds off from red grapes.


Once crushed, the liquid will be collected and stored in fermenting tanks to ferment it until it produces alcohol. The sediments of the crushed grapes will be kept until yeast is produced, and it is used to help with the fermentation process of the stored liquid. The yeast from the sediment digests the sugars which causes fermentation in the grapes.


Due to its meticulous, raw and natural methods of processing, the Bordeaux fine wines is considered to be as the best in the world – in terms of taste and quality. This is the main reason why it is greatly sought after by wine lovers from all around the world – and the extreme high price on higher end wine from the region.

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